Years of Experience

industry experts

We have competent staff that share a broad range of experience and product knowledge with the above equipment and services. On numerous occasions have been awarded “Recognition of Service Excellence” awards and pride ourselves on providing “Quality Equipment, Solutions and Services

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Our product range

Pumping Solutions

Pumping solutions

Check out our range of air operated diaphragm, piston, oil and grease pumps.

Metering Devices

metering devices

Liquid flowmeters for any application, such as positive displacement, turbine, insertion and mag meters.

Workshop Equipment

workshop equipment

Vehicle hoists that suit trucks, cars and buses from Tecalamit.

programmed and breakdown services

mobile technicians at the ready

The “Solutions” provided are part of the process such as offering advice with the selection of new equipment, installations and general service related issues to help provide the best outcome for our customers.
Breakdown Services