programmed & breakdown Services

Hetra Mobile Column Lifts

6X Factory-trained technicians servicing
south east & greater queensland.

installations & general service

Airdraulics is an accredited  for WPCG (Workplace Clearance Group), Ipro LiVe, CM3 and ISNetworld, in which all of our mobile technicians have up to date training.

We are a long standing member of APICSA (Australian Petroleum Industry Contractors and Suppliers Association). All facets of our business including WHS, vehicles, work practices and general business procedures are regularly monitored, with a comprehensive audit performed annually to ensure that we maintain the highest of standards.

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efficient functional facility

Our workshop, office and store is an efficient functional facility based at Coopers Plains in Brisbane. We run an integrated service database for programmed maintenance and breakdowns to manage jobs and provide historical data on equipment that we regularly Service and provide safety inspections on such as Air Compressors and Vehicle Hoists.

Maha Vehicle Hoists

Our product range

Pumping Solutions

Pumping solutions

Check out our range of air operated diaphragm, piston, oil and grease pumps.

Metering Devices

metering devices

Liquid flowmeters for any application, such as positive displacement, turbine, insertion and mag meters.

Workshop Equipment

workshop equipment

Vehicle hoists that suit trucks, cars and buses from Tecalamit.