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HETRA & MAHA Vehicle Hoists

HETRA & MAHA vehicle hoists are renowned for their safety, strength, reliability and durability.

As a long term asset central to workshop operations, you want to be sure that you select the right hoist for the work that you do and that it provides a level of safety, reliability and durability that protects you and your bottom line.

HETRA & MAHA offers a range of vehicle hoist products that meet the needs of modern light automotive workshops. As a company which has designed, manufactured and imported a variety of hoist products for over 25 years.

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Hetra Mobile Column lifts

Hetra Mobile Heavy Duty Column Hoist for Truck, Bus and Rail Lift Applications

Airdraulics Est 1976 Trusted for 40 years! Australia wide sales & service for the Hetra column lift product range – heavy-duty mobile truck hoist, bus hoist and rail hoist applications.

The HETRA Brand is owned and manufactured by the MAHA Group which are a renowned World Leader for producing top end workshop equipment such as roller brake testers and shakers. Airdraulics are the exclusive distributor in Australia.

Hetra Mobile Column Lifts

Heavy Duty “Wireless” mobile truck hoist, bus hoist

Adjustable Carriage Options
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Pumping Solutions

Pumping solutions

Check out our range of air operated diaphragm, piston, oil and grease pumps.

Metering Devices

metering devices

Liquid flowmeters for any application, such as positive displacement, turbine, insertion and mag meters.

Workshop Equipment

workshop equipment

Vehicle hoists that suit trucks, cars and buses from Tecalamit.