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IR ARO Diaphragm Pumps

IR ARO Diaphragm Pumps

Australia wide sales for ARO Diaphragm pumps contact Airdraulics. The IR ARO air operated diaphragm pump range has a reputation throughout industry for quality and operating efficiency, along with other benefits such as the ARO Patented “Unbalanced” Air Valve and many other downtime inhibitors.

The ARO air operated diaphragm pump range is from 1/4” – 3” Ports with free flow delivery up to 1041 Litres / Minute. Numerous pump combinations are available throughout the ARO range with Polypropylene, Aluminium, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Kynar (PVDF) and Hastelloy being offered in various pumps.

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Ultra-Energy Efficient Pumps

Within the IR ARO diaphragm pump range Check Valve Seats are available Via: Duckbill, Ball valve, Flap valve, and Cone Valve. To compliment this ARO have a wide range of suitable Elastomers to meet most pumping requirements.

The IR ARO range offers the EXP Series (Expert Series Pumps). These pumps deliver High Performance and are Ultra-Energy Efficient, in addition to this they offer the ARO Stall-Free, Ice Free design along with their many other benefits.
Pumping Solutions

Lubrication – Grease & Oil Pumps

The LM Series Thunder Pump is the new generation of grease and oil pumps, with economical, cost-effective, durable and dependable performance using a unique design with 50% less parts than comparable pumps. Call and count your savings today.

IR ARO Piston & Extrusion Pumps

IR ARO Piston & Extrusion Pumps & Accessories (Authorised Importer/ Distributor).

The IR ARO Industrial Piston pump range is from 1:1Ratio 2 ball pumps with 2″ Airmotors through to 65:1 Ratio Chop Check Extrusion pumps with 12” Airmotors.

Within the ARO piston pump range, flows up to 143 litres / Minute, and With Viscosities of up to 1 Million centipoise able to be pumped. With this range, ARO is able to pump a broad range of fluids through to Heavy Mastics and body fillers. “(For higher flows on Viscosities below 10 000 centipoise)”

The ARO Piston pump range have Carbon Steel and stainless Steel lower Pumps available, with various packing’s to suit the application at hand. Air assisted lifts, Rams and other accessories are available to Compliment this range of ARO equipment.

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Pumping Solutions

Pumping solutions

Check out our range of air operated diaphragm, piston, oil and grease pumps.

Metering Devices

metering devices

Liquid flowmeters for any application, such as positive displacement, turbine, insertion and mag meters.

Workshop Equipment

workshop equipment

Vehicle hoists that suit trucks, cars and buses from Tecalamit.