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In May Airdraulics featured in the 14th Issue of Australian Diesel Mechanic Magazine as a written editorial. Cable Free Mobile Columns Lifts offer safety and efficiency Battery Operated Cable Free Mobile Columns Lifts offer Safety, Efficiency, Versatility and Cost savings for servicing and repairs for Trucks, Buses and other vehicles. Safety We have all heard of the […]

For Truck lifting & Bus lifting applications HETRA mobile Truck hoists & Bus hoists offer the highest level of Safety, Quality & German Engineering. HETRA offer Battery operated cable free mobile columns # RGA, & also 415 volt Powered cabled mobile columns # RGE, which are easy to use & have on-post controls on all […]

Hetra Mobile Column Lifts in action

Airdraulics are proud to announce they are the Exclusive Australian Distributor for HETRA Mobile Column lifts to suit Truck, Bus & Rail applications.
The HETRA Brand is owned and manufactured by the MAHA Group which are a renowned World Leader for producing top end workshop equipment such as Roller Brake testers and shakers.

Hetra Mobile lifts to the rescue

The truck featured was stuck up on the failed Portalifts and to get the Portalifts down power is required to first lift up from the safety’s.
The above series of photo’s show the mobility and versatility of the HETRA # RGA (Battery Powered) Column lifts used to rescue the truck.

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