Airdraulics features in the 14th Issue of Australian Diesel Mechanic Magazine

Airdraulics features in the 14th Issue of Australian Diesel Mechanic Magazine

In May Airdraulics featured in the 14th Issue of Australian Diesel Mechanic Magazine as a written editorial.

Cable Free Mobile Columns Lifts offer safety and efficiency

Battery Operated Cable Free Mobile Columns Lifts offer Safety, Efficiency, Versatility and Cost savings for servicing and repairs for Trucks, Buses and other vehicles.


We have all heard of the horror stories of people slipping, tripping or just plain forgetting that the service pit is there and falling or slipping \within the pit or on the stairs and sustaining injuries to varying degrees. In some cases service pits can be eliminated altogether or the number may be reduced to lower the potential for incidents to occur. Mobile column Lifts allow more natural light, fresh air and easy access when vehicles are raised and therefore potential small issues are more likely to be found before they turn out to be large problems. Another added benefit is for the vehicle to be set at the best height for the repairs to be done, thus adding to the efficiency and ergonomics of the job and less likelihood of potential injures while performing the repairs.

By using Battery Operated cable free mobile columns further enhances the Safety as this eliminates the potential trip or electrocution Hazard associated with older style columns with cables that link these units. When investigating the potential for column lifts check that they have been independently certified by Engineers and conform with AS/NZS 1418.9  and by holding the appropriate design registration approval to entitle use throughout Australia. Be sure any columns that are to be used in a workshop have the appropriate approvals in place, noting that there are some instances where various overseas approvals are held but they do not meet or have not been registered to our local Standards therefore putting the workshop operators at risk.

Versatility & Efficiency

If creepers are currently used quite a number of the above issues that relate to pits within the Safety section also relate to creepers such as Light, Ergonomics, efficiency and other. The efficiency of using mobile columns within a workshop is not just the time saving involved with repairs along with the Safety aspects as outlined above, but unlike a standard platform type Hoist or drive over pit these units are easily moved and can be used in various locations of the workshop or parked aside taking up minimal room if not required. By adding jack stands gives you even more versatility to support a vehicle when the mobile columns are moved to lift another vehicle, further adding to the benefits. The Efficiency and Safety is further enhanced by being on a single floor level where your tool boxes and other parts that may be required are easily accessed.

Cost Savings

Following are just some areas where cost savings may apply by using the Battery Operated Cable free model columns.

1. The initial capital cost of building a pit, and that is where it stays as it cannot be moved.

2. Ongoing Certification and compliance for pits

3. Power costs for pits for additional lighting and ventilation

4. Possible reduced Insurance premiums

5. No three Phase power outlets required for HETRA Battery Operated Cable free columns only 240Volt 10amp outlet required for charging.

For Truck lifting & Bus lifting applications including servicing and repairs HETRA mobile Truck hoists & Bus hoists offer Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Versatility, Ease of use & German Engineering with peace of mind knowing that these units have been built in the USA to the highest standards. These electro mechanical style Truck and bus columns with on-post controls on all columns are built for very long service life Via: the Stainless Steel rolled screw and recirculating ball nut assembly offering in excess of 90% efficiency and the highest level of Safety Via: the independent wedge lock safety system (Similar to some passenger lifts).

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