NEW! Hetra Mobile Column Lifts

NEW! Hetra Mobile Column Lifts

RGAAirdraulics are proud to announce they are the Exclusive Australian Distributor for HETRA  Mobile Column lifts to suit Truck, Bus & Rail applications.

The HETRA Brand is owned and manufactured by the MAHA Group which are a renowned World Leader for producing top end workshop equipment such as Roller Brake testers and shakers.

If you require a Bus Hoist, a Truck Hoist or a Rail Hoist contact Airdraulics who will assist in ensuring you meet the Highest Safety Standards.

Showcased below is the HETRA # RGA  (Battery Operated 7.5 Tonne Per Column).

  • Automatic synchronization standard
  • Electrical control with UP/DOWN function
  • Single control and group formation via radio, up to 8 Columns used as one set
  • Powered through four batteries, 12 V each
  • Low-friction recirculating ball nut and screw (efficiency > 90 %)
  • Slim design
  • Easy operation
  • Long life expectancy
  • High safety level ensured by independent locking device
  • Easy Emergency Down function, e.g. at electrical outage
  • Highest safety level via contact-free end and safety switch

liftingSystemTechnical Data

Load capacity per column 7.5 t
Full travel 1750 mm
Raising/Lowering time 113 s
Power supply voltage for charger 230 V
Control voltage 48 V
Strokes at full load (7500 kg) 20
Strokes at part load (3500 kg) 35
Motor power 1.5 kW
Wheel size 8.25 to 12.00-20/12 R 22.5
Weight per column 545 kg
Charging time 8 h
System of protection IP 54

We believe these units are the Best Mobile bus lift / truck lift on the market not only due to their High Build Quality, but offering many advantages and Safety features when compared with other products.

The HETRA # RGA units are a simple Clean design with controls on each column that offer smooth precise control whether lifting or lowering (To lower press the down button no need to go up first) and with safety features including an Independent locking device acting directly between the column and carriage and the additional failsafe wedge!

These units are ideal for workshop facilities where column lifts may be required in numerous locations, these units are ideal due to there mobility and the fact that no power leads or mechanical linking is required. The wireless control between columns totally eliminates potential trip Hazards or worse Electrocution due to high voltage leads lying around.

Also available in the HETRA column lift range are the 415 Volt powered wired model # RGE at (7.5 Tonne / Column) and # RGB at (5.5 Tonne / Column).

In addition to the HETRA column lifts we offer various accessories including support stands, reduction sleeves, remote controls and other products to make your job safer and easier whether you are lifting trucks, lifting buses or lifting rail engines and carriages.

For further details regarding the HETRA range of column lifts and accessories click here.

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