Hetra RGA column lifts to the rescue!

Hetra RGA column lifts to the rescue!

The truck featured was stuck up on the failed Portalifts and to get the Portalifts down power is required to first lift up from the safety’s.

The above series of photo’s show the mobility and versatility of the HETRA # RGA (Battery Powered) Column lifts used to rescue the truck.

HETRA # RGA units are a simple Clean design with controls on each column that offer smooth precise control whether lifting or lowering (To lower press the down button no need to go up first) and with safety features including an Independent locking device acting directly between the column and carriage and the additional failsafe wedge!

If in the unlikely event of a column or columns not operating all HETRA units can easily be manually lowered. These units are ideal for workshop facilities where column lifts may be required in numerous locations, these units are ideal due to there mobility and the fact that no power leads or mechanical linking is required. The wireless control between columns totally eliminates potential trip Hazards or worse Electrocution due to high voltage leads lying around.

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