Coxreels Hose Reels

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COXREELS offer a wide range of spring rewind, hand crank, air rewind and power rewind reels.

Most recently added to their reel range the Patented “EZ-COIL” Safety Rewind System.

The COXREELS range being from 1/4″ ID hose through to 1 1/2″ ID hose along with other dual hose reels and cable reels being offered.

The bulk of the COXREELS are Powder Coated Steel with Galvanised and Stainless Steel reels offered as an optional extra for some models.

Numerous reels across the spring rewind range are available with the “EZ-COIL” Rewind Safety System.

Please read the attached which outlines the benefits of COXREELS “EZ-Coil” Rewind Safety System.


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Coxreels Hose Reels

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